53 Tiger Reserves In India: State-Wise List

53 Tiger Reserves In India: State-Wise List
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India has 53 tiger reserves. To be quite honest, I was genuinely surprised to find this out. How can the government allow so many of these large areas to remain untouched and untouched by people?

Of course, you’re probably wondering how much money is spent on protecting India’s tigers. The answer is not much at all.

In fact, if we compare data collected from the past few years with the money spent on protecting tigers in different countries, India’s spending only comes to about 0.1% of their national budget or ₹3.1 billion annually.

The government of India has created many tiger reserves in a concerted effort to help protect endangered species. Here is the list of 53 tiger reserves in India state-wise.

List of 53 Tiger Reserves In India State-Wise

StateNo. of Tiger reservesTiger Reserve
Assam04Kaziranga Tiger Reserve
Manas Tiger Reserve
Nameri Tiger Reserve
Orang Tiger Reserve
Arunachal Pradesh03Namdapha Tiger Reserve
Pakke Tiger Reserve
Kamlang Tiger Reserve
Andhra Pradesh01Nagarjunsagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve
Bihar01Valmiki Tiger Reserve
Chhattisgarh03Achanakmar Tiger Reserve
Indravati Tiger Reserves
Udanti & Sitanadi Tiger Reserve
Jharkhand01Palamau Tiger Reserve
Bandipur Tiger Reserve
Nagarhole (extension) Tiger Reserve
Bhadra Tiger Reserve
Anshi Dandeli Tiger Reserve
Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple Wildlife Sanctuary
Kerala02Periyar Tiger Reserve
Parambikulam Tiger Reserve
Madhya Pradesh06Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve
Satpura Tiger Reserve
Kanha Tiger Reserve
Panna Tiger Reserve
Pench Tiger Reserve
Sanjay Dubri Tiger Reserve
Maharashtra06Melghat Tiger Reserve
Pench Tiger Reserve
Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve
Shahayadri Tiger reserve
Nagzira-Navegaon Tiger Reserve
Bor Tiger Reserve
Mizoram01Dampa Tiger Reserve
Odisha02Satkosia Tiger Reserve
Simlipal Tiger Reserve
Rajasthan03Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve
Sariska Tiger Reserve
Mukundara Hills Tiger Reserve
Tamil Nadu04Kalakkad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve
Anamalai Tiger Reserve
Mudumalai Tiger Reserve
Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve
Telangana02Kawal Tiger Reserve
Nagarjunsagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve
Uttar Pradesh02Dudhwa Tiger Reserve
Pilibhit Tiger Reserve
Uttarakhand02Corbett Tiger Reserve
Rajaji Tiger reserve
West Bengal02Buxa Tiger Reserve
Sunderbans Tiger Reserve

List of Tiger Reserve With Population, Area, and Year of Establishment

Tiger ReserveYear of EstablishmentTigar Population (2018)Area (km²)
Bandipur Tiger Reserve1973–74120868.63
Corbett Tiger Reserve1973–742161318.54
Kanha Tiger Reserve1973–7480940
Manas Tiger Reserve1973–7411500
Melghat Tiger Reserve1973–74251677
Palamau Tiger Reserve1973–743414.93
Ranthambore Tiger Reserve1973–74371334
Similipal Tiger Reserve1973–74992750
Sunderbans Tiger Reserve1973–74681330.10
Periyar Tiger Reserve1978–7920350
Sariska Tiger Reserve1978–799881
Buxa Tiger Reserve1982–832760
Indravati Tiger Reserve1982–83121258.37
Namdapha Tiger Reserve1982–83111985.23
Dudhwa Tiger Reserve1987–8858490.3
Kalakad-Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve1988–8910895
Valmiki Tiger Reserve1989–9040898.45
Pench Tiger Reserve1992–9343292.85
Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve1993–94)115625.4
Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve1993–94631536
Panna Tiger Reserve1994–9517542.67
Dampa Tiger Reserve1994–950500
Bhadra Tiger Reserve1998–9922892.46
Pench Tiger Reserve1998–9935257.26
Pakke Tiger Reserve1999–20007861.95
Nameri Tiger Reserve1999–20005200
Satpura Tiger Reserve1999–200026524
Anamalai Tiger Reserve2008–0913958
Sitanadi Tiger Reserve2008–094556
Satkosia Tiger Reserve2008–093796
Kaziranga Tiger Reserve2008–09103858.98
Achanakmar Tiger Reserve2008–0911557.55
Dandeli-Anshi Tiger Reserve2008–0951300
Sanjay Tiger Reserve2008–098466.68
Mudumalai Tiger Reserve2007103321
Nagarhole Tiger Reserve2008–09101642.39
Parambikulam Tiger Reserve2008–0919643.66
Sahyadri Tiger Reserve2009–1071166
Biligiri Ranganatha Temple Tiger Reserve2010–1168539.52
Kawal Tiger Reserve2012–13NA2015.44
Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve2013–14721408.6
Mukandra Hills Tiger Reserve 2013–14NA759.99
Nawegaon Tiger Reserve2013–147133.88
Nagarjunsagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve1982–83743728
Amrabad Tiger Reserve2014NA2611.4
Pilibhit Tiger Reserve201465602.79
Bor Tiger Reserve20145121.1
Rajaji Tiger Reserve2015NA820.5
Orang Tiger Reserve2016NA78.81
Kamlang Tiger Reserve2016NA783
Srivilliputhur – Megamalai Tiger Reserve2021141016.57
Ramgarh Vishdhari Tiger Reserve2021351501.89
Guru Ghasidas National Park and
Tamor Pingla Wildlife Sanctuary Tiger Reserve
2021NA1440 & 608.5

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